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I want to let you know how great your drivers are , they call, they are nice, they are efficient. Really a different experience from Kindersley or any other delivery company…
Thank you so much!


Recently your team helped with a delivery of which Eli was a part.   It was on Friday October 23. I called Eli for updates and he was always polite and provided info as requested.   Your entire team starting with Paula and Victoria and Ken and Eli are definitely dedicate to a High Level of Service which is reflective of you and your leadership.   As your client, we are appreciative of their efforts and enjoy working with Steeles Transfer.

Dev C

Hi Patricia,


First and foremost, thank you so much, you saved the day and provided an excellent help. I would like to recognize your awesome work.


We will look into the credit application with the management. Is it possible to negotiate custom rates at all? If we’d like to do that, who would be the contact person?

August 6, 2020

Andrea Rehakova

Pinnacle Aquatic Group Inc.

Dennis, recently we had a Saturday delivery with you June 1. Paula set it up and your driver Hani, kept in constant contact with me.

The shipment went smoothly and was completed timely as requested.

Hani is very polite.

The level of service we received from Hani, from constant communication to updating me at each step and getting the POD to me within minutes. Just tremendous.

Your attention to Servicing Customers is priority Dennis, and it shows in your staff.

June 13, 2019
Dev C.A. Lall
Del Corona & Scardigli Canada Inc.
Hi Paula and Dennis!

Good Morning, thanks for making this seamless!

Appreciate your help on this and the driver Hani is awesome!
April 26, 2018

Nogie Panerio

World Logistics Inc.

Hello Paula/ Dennis,
Thank you for Steele’s Transfer outstanding service.

April 24, 2018

Shantha Thiagarajah

Polimex Forwarding Corp.
Operation / Sales Support

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