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  • Mini-Vans & ½ Ton Pickup Trucks
  • Courier Van (Full Size)
  • 1 Ton Cube Van
  • 5 Ton Van 24’
  • 5 Ton Van 24’ with PTG
  • Tractors & Trailers
  • Additional Equipment
Mini-Vans & ½ Ton Pickup Trucks

Appropriate for small packages or items that will safely fit. Used for Hot Shot services throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Courier Van (Full Size)

Used for shipments of multiple pieces or multiple shipments for quick distribution. Accommodate height of up to 4 feet and 10 feet lineal floor space.

1 Ton Cube Van

Similar application as Courier Van but offering higher clearance (7 feet) and up to 16 feet of lineal floor space.

5 Ton Van 24’

These are the most common delivery vehicles for distribution and local pick up and delivery services. They offer capacity of 10 -12 skids on the floor and payloads of approximately 14,000Lbs. Typical door clearances are 90 inches high and 94 inches wide. Some with cargo heaters.

5 Ton Van 24’ with PTG

This is the same as the 5 Ton Van 24’ but with additional equipment attached know as Power Tailgate (PTG) used to lower cargo from the deck of the truck to ground level for curbside delivery.

Tractors & Trailers

Various combinations allowing for the provision of trailers with door clearances up to 110 inches high and 100 inches wide. Trailers can be 26’ – 53’ in length and some with heaters or refrigeration, some with Power tailgates and we can also arrange for Flat decks if required. These combinations can allow for payloads up to 65,000Lbs. (based on availability of Tri-axle trailers)

Additional Equipment

We can also provide Pallet Jacks, Dollies, Blankets and Pads, Cargo Securement.

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